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デーモン閣下 | ライデン湯沢殿下 | ゼノン石川和尚 | ルーク篁参謀 | ジェイル大橋代官 | エース清水長官



Part Guitar
Title Captain
Position in JIGOKU ex. Captain of Central Intelligence Agency in JIGOKU
Date of Birth March 9, B.D.100036(B.C.98038)
Place of Birth ”God's Door” in JIGOKU

Bureaucracy. He is first drummer of SEIKIMA II, and guitarist now. He is ex. Captain of Central Intelligence Agency in JIGOKU, and it is told that it keeps drinking one week without getting tired if "A hundred tales of Ace" is made a relish with drinking as “All talks lead to Ace”. Moreover, he is known as the greatest gourmet of the constituent member, and good local one shop information has been well informed. His of that ability exercises one's power at a local black mass tour. Though he is the oldest AKUMA in the constituent member, his weak point is a weakness of pushing.